US Benefit Advisors tailors employee benefit plans for small business entrepreneurs that puts YOU in control and helps attract & retain motivated employees.



As the Principal Agent at US Benefit Advisors I know what its like owning your own business with a desire to work on it vs. in it. Growing your busines and getting deals done secures your entprepenurial freedom. Motivated employees can run the day-to-day, freeing you to bring in new business but attracting & retaining those motivated employees can be hard. 

Benefits are the key and their are more affordable options

than you think.


Many think that health insurance isn't affordable. 

When you understand how the industry works, you uncover innovative plans that can save up to 40% on premiums while protecting your health and income. 

I've done the research for you and  partnered with those innovative insurance providers that are disrupting the health insurance market. They are small businesses helping small businesses like us.

▶️Watch my video that explains how the industry works and what alternatives you have.

Steve Stump, Principal Agent

Doctor and Patient
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